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Active Mining

CES provides its mining industry clients with all the water quality protection services the mining industry requires. Mining operations require reliable solutions for meeting its objectives of minimizing mining’s footprint on the environment while remaining profitable. A critical area of environmental concern for most mining operations is water quality protection.

Mining operations are temporal in nature with distinct development, operational, closure and post-closure phases. The obvious objective of any mining operation is to maximize the operational phase and shorten all other phases. The length of the operational phase is defined by the size and value of the mineral resource and the cost to extract and process it. Operations can have one or more temporary closures due to periods of unfavorable economics.

CES brings our clients a broader and often more unique perspective to solving environmental problems than traditional engineering consulting firms can. Our tightly integrated soils, geochemical, geological and engineering staff have excelled by offering solutions that work with the natural conditions at our clients’ facilities rather than trying to design and build more costly infrastructure to overcome the existing conditions.

  • Mine Permitting - NEPA, State, Local
  • Hydrologic and Geologic Characterization
  • Biological Surveys
  • Acid Rock Drainage Prediction and Mitigation
  • Water Treatment - Active and Passive
  • Water Permitting / Compliance - Wetlands, Stream Crossings, Discharge
  • Petroleum / Hazardous Materials Permitting and Compliance
  • Reclamation Planning / Cover Design

Abandoned Mine Lands

Agencies and environmental managers are faced with the growing challenge of dealing with active, abandoned, and inactive mining operations, which are impacting the land that they manage. CES has extensive experience in providing a variety of regulatory driven investigations including: Preliminary Assessments (PAs), Site Inspections (SIs), Engineering Evaluations/Cost Analysis (EECAs), Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Studies (RIFS), and Removal/ Remedial Design, Implementation, and Closure. CES is focused on providing the following services for abandoned mine lands:

  • Preliminary Assessments and Site Inspections
  • Ecological and Human Health Risk Assessments
  • Engineering Evaluation / Cost Analysis
  • Remedial Investigations / Feasibility Studies
  • Removal / Remedial Actions (Design-Build options)
  • Physical Hazards Assessment and Closure

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